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Fine crusher hammer

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The hammer head of high chromium fine crusher is made of high chromium alloy. Compared with ordinary high manganese steel hammer head, it has the characteristics of high hardness, fine discharge and high wear resistance. Sand crusher hammer, 1010 crusher hammer, ball mill lining plate, crusher tooth plate, impact plate, side guard plate, various alloy hammers, high chromium alloy hammers of fine crusher, 30 chromium (26 chromium, 22 chromium) and mining equipment. Welcome to negotiate and cooperate.

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The hammer head series products of fine crusher are mainly composed of chromium, nickel and molybdenum, with alloy elements such as vanadium, titanium, boron and rare earth added, which are reasonably compatible. Through special heat treatment process, the * good matrix structure is combined, so that the products integrate high strength, high hardness and high toughness, and are suitable for wear-resistant fields under various impact load conditions!

The high hardness martensite matrix in the hammer head of the sand making fine crusher effectively supports the carbide particles, prevents the carbide from falling off from the wear surface during the working process, ensures the high wear resistance of the material, and the hardness can reach 62Hrc - 65hrc. The hammer head of the sand making fine crusher is used in brick factories, stone factories and other building materials industries, and is widely used for fine crushing of shale, coal gangue, river pebble, quartz and other minerals. The crushed materials have the characteristics of fine and uniform particle size, which has been recognized by customers

Product features

1. The hammer head of the fine crusher is hard but not brittle, tough and wear-resistant. The hammer end is made of high chromium alloy cast iron. The content of chromium and its alloy elements is adjusted according to the customer's working conditions, so that the high chromium alloy hammer head can achieve the balance of wear resistance and toughness;

2. The fusion point of the casting double liquid alloy is fully bonded, without cold lap, crack, inclusion and other defects, and the structure is dense; One time casting without falling off, high hardness, high wear resistance, excellent toughness, wear resistance and not easy to fracture. The crusher hammer head (block) and plate hammer produced by double liquid alloy composite material have long service life;

3. The hammer head of the high chromium compound fine crusher is exquisite, the ingredients are rigorous, and the heat treatment is in place;

4. The handle of the composite hammer head is made of low alloy steel, which has good toughness and is not easy to fracture. The hammer head is made of high chromium alloy, which has good wear resistance. The high alloy material is applied to the working environment with strong impact force, and the hardness of the working part is more than HRC62 degrees. The two are organically combined by the double liquid composite production process, which is called hard but not brittle Tough but wear-resistant, it is alloy wear-resistant hammer;

5. According to the working conditions and special ingredients, various special-shaped crusher hammers are customized according to the drawings and samples from customers;

6. The supporting surfaces of the hammer head shall be polished to ensure flatness and smoothness. It reminds you to avoid repairing and painting beautified products when selecting wear-resistant castings. Wear resistant parts with smooth surface, no pores, sand inclusion and other casting defects shall be selected.

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