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Jaw crusher accessories mining machinery and equipment accessories manufacturers direct wholesale price

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Category: jaw crusher accessories

Price Description: priced by weight and process

Main materials: jaw plate (moving plate, fixed plate), tooth plate, tooth plate, high manganese steel jaw plate, ultra-high manganese steel jaw plate, composite alloy jaw plate, wear-resistant jaw plate

Main processes: sodium silicate sand casting and lost foam casting

Suitable materials: River pebble, granite, basalt, iron ore, limestone, quartz, diabase, iron ore, gold mine, copper mine, etc

Packaging and transportation: automobile transportation, sea transportation and wooden frame packaging

Note: all accessories can be customized according to drawings and samples, and specific parameters and requirements can be consulted by calling.

Jaw crusher accessories can also be called vulnerable parts of jaw crusher, which is an important part of jaw crusher; It needs to be replaced within a certain cycle.

It can be divided into jaw crusher side guard plate, jaw crusher tooth plate, jaw crusher elbow plate, triangular belt, etc.

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Side guard

The side guard of jaw crusher is located between the fixed tooth plate and the movable tooth plate. It is a high-quality high manganese steel casting. It mainly protects the frame wall of jaw crusher in the whole body.

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Gear plate

The toothed plate, movable jaw plate and fixed jaw plate of jaw crusher are high-quality high manganese steel castings. In order to prolong its service life, its shape is designed to be symmetrical up and down, that is, it can be used after one end is worn. The movable toothed plate and fixed toothed plate are the main land used when the stone is broken. The movable toothed plate is installed on the movable jaw to protect the movable jaw.

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Elbow plate

The elbow plate is an accurately calculated cast iron. It is not only a force transmission component, but also a safety part of the crusher. When the crusher falls into materials that cannot be broken and the machine exceeds the normal load, the elbow plate will be broken immediately and the crusher will stop working, so as to avoid damage to the whole machine. The elbow plate and the elbow pad are in rolling contact. Under normal use, there is little friction. Just apply a layer of grease on the contact surface. The whole part is a mechanism for adjusting the size of the discharge port and compensating the wear between the jaw plate, the elbow plate and the elbow plate pad.

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