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Jaw crusher tooth plate

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Jaw crusher tooth plate is also called jaw plate, tooth plate and pressing plate. It is the main working part of jaw crusher and is easy to wear, so it needs to be replaced in a certain period of time.

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The jaw crusher tooth plate is made of zgmn13cr2 material. On the basis of the original high manganese steel, a certain amount of chromium is added to improve the hardness of the product. At the same time, water toughening treatment is carried out. After water toughening treatment, the casting has high tensile strength, toughness, plasticity and non-magnetic, making the die plate more durable.

When subjected to severe impact and strong pressure deformation in the process of use, the surface will produce work hardening and martensite will be formed, so as to form a high wear-resistant surface layer, while the inner layer maintains excellent toughness and can withstand large impact load even if it is worn to very thin.


The cross-sectional structure shape of dental plate can be divided into smooth surface and sub surface, and the latter can be divided into triangular surface and trapezoidal surface. In order to ensure the particle size and shape of products, triangular or trapezoidal lining plates are usually used.

Material Science

The die plate used in the existing jaw crusher generally adopts manganese 13zgmn13. It is characterized by surface hardening under impact load, forming a hard and wear-resistant surface, while still maintaining the original toughness of its inner metal. Therefore, it is the most common wear-resistant material used in crushers.


The die plate bears great impact and extrusion pressure, so it is very worn. In order to prolong its service life, it can be studied from two aspects: one is to find high wear-resistant materials from materials; The second is to reasonably determine the structural design and geometric dimensions of the toothed plate.

Working principle

The working mechanism of jaw crusher is a typical crank rocker mechanism. The materials are crushed and the particle size is reduced under the action of extrusion, splitting and bending caused by the movement of the moving tooth plate relative to the fixed tooth plate. When the moving tooth plate is far away from the fixed tooth plate, the materials fall, are discharged out of the machine and sent out by the conveyor belt. According to the working mechanism of jaw crusher, the tooth plate is the main working part of jaw crusher.

Wear cause

1. The material slides and rubs against the tooth plate in a short distance, and the friction cuts the tooth plate to form debris, resulting in the wear of the tooth plate.

2. The materials repeatedly squeeze and cut the tooth plate, and small cracks are formed on the tooth plate surface or at the root of the protruding part of the tooth plate. These small cracks continue to expand to the connection, resulting in the falling off of the material on the tooth plate surface and the formation of debris.

3.The materials are repeatedly extruded, resulting in local fracturing or overturning of the materials on the tooth plate surface, and the broken or overturned parts fall off with the materials impacted by extrusion to form debris.

Wear solution

1. Control die wear from the hardness and toughness of wear-resistant materials. The practice of Red Star machine is to select materials with high hardness to resist extrusion and materials with sufficient toughness to resist chiseling impact. This method is indeed of great reference significance.

2. Improve the die plate structure to reduce the relative sliding between material and die plate and reduce friction.

According to the analysis of the causes and solutions of tooth plate wear of jaw crusher, many manufacturers continue to strengthen scientific research investment, improve tooth plate structure, reduce sliding friction between materials and tooth plate, and reduce cutting wear, so as to prolong the service life of tooth plate and bring real economic benefits to customers.

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