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Daily accessories maintenance of crusher shall be done well

Mechanical equipment has a life cycle, but this life cycle is also affected by great human factors and has some impact on the environment. The same is true for crushers. Compared with crusher hosts, crusher accessories are generally small and medium-sized parts. Most of these crusher accessories are in direct contact with limestone and other materials during operation, The performance and working efficiency of the crusher shall be reflected through the work of these wear-resistant accessories. As a kind of mining machinery and equipment, the loss of crusher is very serious. The loss of crusher is related to some factors.

*It is closely related to the hardness, properties, composition and other factors of the material. The wear of crushers is largely related to materials. Hard materials are easy to cause equipment wear, and some materials will cause corrosion and blockage to the equipment.

Second, the internal structural design of the equipment, reasonable structural design can effectively reduce wear, otherwise it will increase wear.

Third, the material selection of equipment and the correct selection of equipment manufacturing materials affect the loss degree of equipment. Fourth, the operation and use methods of crusher equipment, even if the best equipment and wear-resistant materials are not operated and used properly, their service life will not be long.

The operation contents can be maintained according to the technical conditions of the crusher equipment, and anti-corrosion can be carried out if necessary. The transfer maintenance shall be organized and arranged by the crusher equipment removal unit, inspected by the project department and the asset manager, and supervised by the asset management department. It mainly checks the condition of key and vulnerable parts (such as gravel equipment stabilization device), and the routine maintenance of compound crusher is the cleaning and inspection before, after and during the operation of crusher. Coolant, lubricant, fuel quantity, instrument indication, etc.

The faults and solutions of crusher in daily life are as follows:

1. The temperature of main bearing is too high. It may be that the grease is insufficient, so an appropriate amount of grease needs to be added; If the grease is polluted, the bearing needs to be cleaned and the grease needs to be replaced; If the bearing is damaged, the bearing needs to be replaced.

2. The discharge size is too large. It may be that the crushing teeth are excessively worn, so it is necessary to replace the crushing teeth or build-up welding; If the side teeth are worn or fall off, replace them.

3. The vibration of crusher increases. The bearing may be damaged and replaced; If the gear coupling is damaged, replace it;

4. Reduced processing capacity or insufficient power. If the hydraulic coupler leaks, add a certain amount of No. 22 turbine oil or no. 6 hydraulic transmission oil. If the coupler is broken, it needs to be replaced; If the feeding is uneven, adjust the feeding.

5. It cannot be reversed automatically. If the sensor is installed incorrectly or damaged, adjust or replace the sensor; If the sensor lead or wiring is loose, connect the lead or tighten the wire.

6. Sensor protection system fails. If the proximity switch is damaged or the wiring in the electric control cabinet is loose, it is necessary to replace the added switch or connect the wire according to the wiring diagram.

The role of wear-resistant accessories of crusher can not be underestimated. The quality of wear-resistant accessories will directly affect the performance, service life, working efficiency and engineering cost of the whole crusher. If the crusher is not replaced in time after wear failure and continues to be used, the crusher will vibrate during operation due to excessive resistance and unbalanced stress, which will damage the crusher host in serious cases.

Bearing: the bearing of the crusher bears all the load of the machine, so good lubrication has a great relationship with the bearing life. It directly affects the service life and operation rate of the machine. Therefore, the injected lubricating oil must be clean and the seal must be good.

Machine body: if there are air holes, shrinkage cavities, slag inclusions, cracks and other phenomena on the cast iron surface support, it shall be repaired or replaced in time.

Lining plate: it is forbidden to enter the crusher for non crushing. However, when metal objects enter the crusher or the lining plate falls off, it is easy to cause damage or bending of the middle hammer disc. At this time, it shall be replaced in time, otherwise it is easy to lose the hammer head and cause vibration. Check the tension and wear of V-belt, check the condition of cables and electrical components, avoid disconnection and wear, repair the faults found in time, and comply with electrical safety and inspection procedures.

In order to keep the crusher in good working condition, reduce the failure rate, improve work efficiency and prolong the service life, we need to do a good job in the daily maintenance of the crusher. At the same time, we also need to select reliable crusher equipment manufacturers, such as Henan Hongxing Kuangshan machine manufacturer, whose crusher equipment parts are made of high wear-resistant The composition of high pressure resistant materials not only selects the materials of parts, but also integrates sophisticated technology into the manufacturing process of crusher, so that the whole set of equipment can operate stably and stably in production.

Post time: Aug-17-2021

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