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How to improving the anti-wear performance of jaw crusher.

Jaw crusher mostly used for coarse crushing of raw ore in mines. Coarse crushing is the first process of crushing raw ore. Mining companies crush the mined ore through a jaw crusher into a size suitable for transportation and supply to the secondary and tertiary crushers. So jaw crusher undertook a relatively heavy workload. The jaw crusher has a strong crushing effect and high crushing efficiency. After long-term use, the jaw crusher plate will be worn to a certain extent and needs to be replaced. So the important thing to save cost is to improving the anti-wear performance of jaw crusher plate.


In the periodic work of the jaw crusher, the tooth plate is subjected to periodic loading and unloading, and must have sufficient strength. At the same time, the tooth plate is subjected to immersion deformation and wear of high-hardness ore to cause fracture and sliding rubbing, resulting in ploughing groove marks, even drop blocks. Usually, the tooth plate is fixed to the cast steel plate with bolts by the high manganese steel liner plate. After using for a period of time, the high manganese steel liner can be turned around or replaced. The high-manganese steel material itself has a hardened impact-resistant layer formed on the surface due to impact. This mainly depends on the element ratio of the material. Most of the poor quality is caused by the insufficient element ratio.


We learn the reason why jaw crusher plate can anti-wear is that it is made of high manganese steel and has strong wear resistance. But there are many high manganese steel materials that still have a short service life. This is because their element ratio is insufficient or does not reach the appropriate ratio. Some are in order to save costs and reduce the input of raw materials, and some are due to their low level of technology. Therefore, we need to choose a manufacturer with strong strength, good production and casting technology, and good quality products. Shuangfeng Shengde wear resistant material Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer of jaw crusher plate. We use water glass sand mold technology to improving anti-wear performace.


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Post time: Oct-25-2021

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