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Sand dredger chain plate crusher accessories crusher liner

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Category: sand dredger accessories

Price Description: priced by weight and process

Main materials:high manganese steel, manganese chromium alloy, high chromium (Cr13, Cr20, cr23, Cr26, Cr28, etc.), cemented carbide

Main processes: sodium silicate sand casting and lost foam casting

Suitable material: river sand

Packaging and transportation: automobile transportation, sea transportation and wooden frame packaging

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All accessories can be customized according to drawings and samples, and specific parameters and requirements can be consulted by calling.

We can make the chain plate conveyor wide and form a differential speed by parallel multi row chain plates, and use the speed difference of multi row chain plates to change the multi row conveyor into a single row conveyor without extrusion, so as to meet the requirements of single row transportation of beverage labeling, filling, cleaning and other equipment. Similarly, we can also change a single row into multiple rows and walk slowly, so as to produce storage capacity and meet the requirements of sterilizer For the requirements of large amount of material supply of bottle storage table and bottle cooler, we can make the head and tail of the two chain plate conveyors into overlapping hybrid chains, so that the bottle (tank) body is in a dynamic transition state, so that there is no material left on the conveying line, which can meet the pressure and non pressure transportation of empty bottles and real bottles.

Chain plate material of chain plate conveyor: carbon steel, stainless steel and thermoplastic chain. According to the needs of your products, chain plates with different widths and shapes can be selected to meet the requirements of plane conveying, plane turning, lifting and lowering.

It is widely used in metallurgy, petrochemical, electric power, building materials, shipbuilding, paper machinery, heat treatment, military industry and other industries. The company has a complete set of centrifugal casting production line and unique design to better ensure the internal quality of cast pipes; The investment casting production line solves the production of a single product of customers, improves the traditional production methods, and directly casts and forms. The quality of the castings is close to that of precision casting, improves the tissue density of castings, the yield and production efficiency of products, greatly reduces the cost of machining, and can better meet the needs of customers.

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