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High manganese steel fittings are mainly used to withstand harsh working conditions such as impact, extrusion and material wear. The damage form is mainly wear consumption, and some parts are broken and deformed. There are three kinds of wear: friction and wear in which the surfaces of metal components contact each other and move; Abrasive wear caused by other metallic or non-metallic materials striking the metal surface and erosion wear caused by the contact between flowing gas or liquid and metal. The wear resistance of low alloy wear-resistant cast steel depends on the material itself, while the wear-resistant steel shows different wear resistance under different working conditions. Only the material itself and working conditions can determine its wear resistance.

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Cast wear-resistant steel and wear-resistant steel are mainly austenitic manganese steel. Under certain conditions, low-alloy steel with appropriate heat treatment also has good effect, while graphite steel is used to lubricate the working conditions of friction.

Wear resistant high manganese steel is especially suitable for impact abrasive wear and high stress grinding abrasive wear. It is often used to manufacture impact and wear resistant castings such as ball mill lining plate, hammer head of hammer crusher, jaw plate of jaw crusher, rolling mortar wall and crushing wall of cone crusher, bucket teeth and wall of excavator, railway turnout, tractor and track shoe of tank. High manganese steel is also used for: bulletproof steel plate, safe steel plate, etc.

High manganese steel, alloy high manganese steel and high and medium carbon alloy are used to produce a series of products such as ball mill lining plate, compartment plate, grate plate, crusher hammer head, jaw plate, crusher composite hammer head and plate hammer. The products are widely used in various industries such as mining, smelting, construction, highway, railway, water conservancy and chemical industry.

Main uses of wear plate

1) Construction machinery and equipment: loader, bulldozer, excavator bucket plate, side blade plate, bucket bottom plate, blade and cutting plate.

2) Loading and unloading machinery and equipment: chain plate of unloading mill, hopper lining plate, grab blade plate, tipping plate of medium-sized automatic tipper

3) Construction machinery and equipment: tooth plate of cement pusher, lining plate of concrete mixer, lining plate of mixing building and lining plate of dust collector

4) Metallurgical machinery and equipment: iron ore sintering conveying elbow, iron ore sintering machine lining plate, scraper machine lining plate

5) Mining machinery and equipment: lining plate and blade of mineral material and stone crusher.

6) Other mechanical equipment: sand mill cylinder, blade, various wear-resistant parts of port machinery 7) thermal power equipment: coal mill lining plate, coal hopper, coal distribution pipe, coal distribution grid plate, coal unloading equipment lining plate

8) Shot blasting machinery and equipment: shot blasting machine lining plate 9) others: elevator counterweight, slag pouring, aluminized pot, rolling mill frame, rail turnout. The national standards of China's high manganese steel castings (GB / t5680-1998) include: zgmn13-1, zgmn13-2, zgmn13-3, ZGMn13-4 and zgmn13-5

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